Origami Angel - Gen 3 (3rd Run PRE-ORDER)

  • Origami Angel - Gen 3 (3rd Run PRE-ORDER)

Origami Angel - Gen 3 (3rd Run PRE-ORDER)

*Since the first 2 runs sold out before the EP dropped, we're now bringing you a bigger third run that ships in August!*
147 Redios tapes. 147 Blueios tapes.
Use the code "eon" to get both variants for a total of $10 + shipping.

Every pre-order comes with a Gen 3 sticker and a brand new trading card that will be revealed soon.

Pokémon’s third generation of monsters lasted for fifteen video games and for four years in North America—the longest run in the series. Origami Angel is a band which has been around for less time but is somehow matched in prolific nature. Their latest release Gen 3—out May 31st via long-standing home Chatterbot Records—follows a string of releases that’s created a homegrown fanbase and organic approach to melody. And like the Hoenn region, this set of tracks is a massive level-up from the previous one, with plenty of growth and surprises in store. You could even say it’s a pocket monster of an EP.
Origami Angel’s bass-boosted approach to emo returns in full force here, offering double-time tackles of Ryland Heagy and Pat Doherty’s navigation of their mental health and the D.C. metro area. While the opening gems (“Ruby,” “Sapphire,” and “Emerald”) are sonic companions—just like their handheld games are—Gami takes a left turn into speed-demon hardcore on “XD Gale of Darkness” (in itself a turn of fate for the Pokémon series). Whether your loyalties lie with the fiery breakneck speed of earlier releases or the rock-solid genre twists, there’s something for everyone here. Just catch it all.

~ James Cassar

Art by Ilana Hope.
Layout by Marissa Caroll.

Track Listing

  1. Ruby
  2. Sapphire
  3. Emerald
  4. XD Gale Of Darkness

Pressing Information

3rd Run:
Redias // 147
Blueios // 147

2nd Run:
XD Gale of Darkness // 100

1st Run:
Ruby // 33
Sapphire // 33
Emerald // 33