Church Girls - Home09.07.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR020

"Formed in 2014 in Philadelphia by Mariel Beaumont, Church Girls is an indie rock/post-punk group on a quest to tap into listeners’ emotional marrow and explore the ways we work to become better humans a little at a time." - The Big Takeover

Hit Like a Girl - What Makes Love Last08.28.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR019

"What Makes Love Last opens up with an emotional and personal voicemail that bleeds into the first full length track “Breathe You in”, while also setting the tone for the rest of the album that will follow. Paired with twinkly guitars and a simplistic backbeat, Maroulis’ vocals power through track after track to create catchy hooks that do just that -- hook. From start the finish, the album is consistently open and powerful, a beautifully mastered production that ebbs and flows between tracks, leaving everything on the table for listeners and no stone unturned." - phluff

No Stranger - In Tangible Company07.13.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR018

Jonathan Cooney is joined by a full band for the first time on his long-running No Stranger project... In order to make Cooney’s transition from solo artist to full band easier, he enlisted the help of co-producer Lifted Bells’ Matthew Frank in Chicago. By alleviating some of the technical responsibilities, Cooney was able to channel his spiritual anxieties into something that can only be described as 'baroque emo.'" - The Key

The Neighborhood Watch - Okay05.04.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR017

"New Paltz duo The Neighborhood Watch may share its name with a handful of current bands in the Northeast and beyond, but their intent reaches back to the early 2000s. In this glitzy time capsule, the schmaltz of bands like Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes were the kings of New York, and they reign supreme here, too." - Modern Vinyl

Prince Daddy & the Hyena - Skip Cutscenes! Blow Loud!12.04.14 · Chatterbot Records · CBR014

"TC: The name of your debut EP is 'Skip Cutscenes! Blow Loud!' How would you describe your music to those who had never checked you guys out before?

Kory: Hmmm… I would describe it as fun, dumb, stoner-y punk power pop??? For fans of: hating yourself, drugs, Weezer, sci-fi movies, and the best of vibes. And jumping. People who like us tend to like jumping. I like jumping." - An interview with Table Three Media

The Weak Days - Tight07.07.17 · Chatterbot Records · CBR013

"The Weak Days, as well as a bunch of their friends, worked together to create a feel-good album that reminds listeners to put life’s problems into perspective and appreciate the good that exists, even if it is simply just being alive... Tight is a lively indie-punk record, and The Weak Days’ sound is infectious. As the layers of guitars and vocals build, it becomes impossible not to grin at some point during the album... This record was very clearly formed around the music community which makes it all the more special because it’s rare for lots of collaborations to happen within a 7 song release from a punk band... We all occasionally need a reminder that not every problem we encounter is as big as we make it out to be. The Weak Days’ new album is a fun soundtrack to keep in mind that in the end, ‘Everything is tight.’" - Sick Snaps

Origami Angel - Doing the Most07.06.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR012

"Thanks! I love it." - Some person on Bandcamp.

California Cousins - Distant Relatives08.17.18 · Chatterbot Records / Deep Sea Records · CBR011

"There’s something about the kind of spastic and frenetic energy that radiates from the punchiest math-rock riffs that helps make the genre one of the easiest to get lost in. The energy just washes over you and you can’t help but move until your drenched in your own sweat, grinning from ear to ear. California Cousins is one of the few bands in the genre that manages to capture all of that energy without coming across as cheesy or gimmicky; the push and pull of each riff bounces off the walls of your skull and the contrast they manage to create with the slick vocal melodies is the kind of thing that musicians spend entires careers trying to construct." - Substream Magazine

Equipment - Ruthless Summer06.15.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR010

"Full of melodies and winding instrumentals, Equipment pack a ton of musical variety into their latest release, Ruthless Sun. The Ohio mainstay take care in the details of every track, adding a variety of layers to keep songs flowing. Their prowess in finding interesting pathways to guide their writing is fantastically displayed, and one of the consistent highlights of this 10 track record. The trio take the sounds of a dizzyingly hot summer and sling it into one hell of a hazy power punk pop sound." - New Noise Magazine

Smol Data - Smol Data: An EP04.06.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR009

"Contrary to their *extremely online* moniker that contains an internet colloquialism for something that’s 'small and cute,' Smol Data sound particularly 'irl' on their debut, Smol Data: An EP. Although it’s not clear how the Long Island quartet actually formed, the group have a distinct chemistry on these five songs... that suggests they’ve been playing together for some time, and again, despite their digital-referential namesake, radiate an organic quality that sounds carefully pieced together in-person." - The Alternative

Bristletongue - Femme Florlae01.16.18 · Chatterbot Records / Prairie State Records · CBR008 / PRAIRIE006

"Bristletongue are a four-piece from Illinois fronted by L Morgan, whose aureate poetics bolster the group’s expansive compositions, which lie along the emo to post-rock spectrum. True to its title, the four songs on their debut EP, Femme Florale, are fixated on flower imagery, whether withering or blossoming or dying on the vine. It’s a thematic through-line that pays off well and matches the band’s music, with its many tendrils tied back to the singular root that is L Morgan’s impressive voice. That voice stretches syllables for miles, smooth and mournful on 'Thistle Among Roses' (“Was it worth the wait to see me on the way?/ And did you hesitate to lock the garden gate?”) or more bristled on closer 'Ivy Creep': “Lest we forget/ Loving me was not your best bet.” With Femme Florale, Bristletongue made four hypnotic songs about the way love and loss twist themselves into our lives, mingle with the dirt, make us feel less than whole. It’s an impressive showing for a young band, and you should listen to it below." - Stereogum

Sylvania Ave. - Sylvania Ave.03.09.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR006

"Sylvania Ave. wants to make music that is “meaningful, genuine, and vulnerable.” Their pop punk-leaning emo songs are just the kind of tunes that call for singing along in a packed garage. The three piece band fits in comfortably with Denton’s DIY scene alongside their contemporaries like Two Knights and Better Now. The fact that they got me feeling emotions while editing the video speaks highly of their music, so we think you’re going to like this band a lot." - RadioUTD