Sylvania Ave. - Sylvania Ave.03.09.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR006

"Sylvania Ave. wants to make music that is “meaningful, genuine, and vulnerable.” Their pop punk-leaning emo songs are just the kind of tunes that call for singing along in a packed garage. The three piece band fits in comfortably with Denton’s DIY scene alongside their contemporaries like Two Knights and Better Now. The fact that they got me feeling emotions while editing the video speaks highly of their music, so we think you’re going to like this band a lot." - RadioUTD

Michael Cera Palin - I Don't Know How to Explain It02.02.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR005

"'I Don’t Know How to Explain It' is emo sprinkled with mud and gristle. It operates with a crosstrained license in pop-punk self-sabotage (“Admiral”), math-flecked propulsion (“Southern Comfort”), and threaded post-punk (“Go Home. Play Music. Feel Better.”). This trio even finds time to cover Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy,” a song that was built for this scene’s macro-level attention to torched love and couchstuck indifference. (The lyrics aren’t even changed, and it still reads like a You’re Gonna Miss it All B-side.) It seems poetic and intentional that MCP named their debut EP Growing Pains. It opens with a brief history lesson on the origins of Kmart and pushes through a Supermarket Sweep lightning round, where clever inspiration seems to be the sincerest form of establishing their sound. This time around, the formula is better preserved and proprietary, with muscly vocals and tighter production leading the way. Michael Cera Palin is a band that could’ve been paralyzed by their own thought process, but the growth can be seen from their house, and probably other places, too." - Modern Vinyl

"Singer Elliott Brabant isn’t sure how the name came up. 'It was among a list of other potential band names and that was the one we felt best conveyed our vibe- awkward but still here to have a good time,' he said. Brabant said that the songs on this new EP were written over the last two years and demonstrate great growth for the band. Says Brabant, 'The lyrics are all about various points of fixation I have regarding art, mental health, relationships and personal identity.'" - Medium

Dunce Cap - It's Just Not Happening02.17.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR004

Set up. Turn the amp to 10. Distortion… on. "It’s Just Not Happening" is the debut EP of Dunce Cap, a group of young fuzzrockers from Albany, NY. This 7-song release is raw; entirely self-recorded, written, and performed by band-leader Jeremy Langevin throughout the second half of 2017. The songs outline a constant struggle to cope with one’s inherit sense that youth and time is fading quickly, and the mental and physical toll trying to escape this reality can take. Although at times Langevin harps on this melancholy outlook, the music drives ahead with an attitude, almost-punk sensibilities, and A LOT of riffs.

Get Tall - A Little Less Bored01.19.18 · Chatterbot Records · CBR003

"Despite its title, A Little Less Bored, and track names that echo the snarkiness of emo’s fifth party wave (see “Thrash Bandicoot,” with its pop-punk muscle and bared teeth), this Midwestern act has plenty on its plate, including Nick Diener on studio bass for a vibrant, full-fledged experience. Diener’s production, in particular, weaves in between Fat Wreck Chords-era punk (“All Dogs Go to Kevin”) and East Coast emo (“Not Morbid, Just Forgetful”) while Ryan Hahka’s lyricism pushes forward like frantic texts shared between friends. Like a forbidden eavesdropping on a somber, drunken conversation, A Little Less Bored‘s most magnetic moments are its most raw, defending this band’s crossover appeal at the edge of fun and forlorn." - Modern Vinyl

"They mix power pop and punk riffs, tying it all together with a youthful energy. Their sound ranges somewhere from the familiarity of Weezer to the upbeat cadence of bands like Los Campesinos!. Their upcoming EP A Little Less Bored should satisfy anyone trying to find the perfect medium between pop and garage rock." - The Alternative

Foxy Dads - Songs from the LIRR12.15.17 · Chatterbot Records · CBR002

"Songwriter Ilana Hope’s airy voice dances over synths and keyboards, almost tricking you into thinking this album came out in the 90s. Songs from the LIRR sounds like the soundtrack to an old school dating simulator video game if the main character was clinically depressed." - Atwood Magazine

"New York based Foxy Dads are an indie pop project of songwriter Ilana Hope, who gained inspiration and an album title commuting into New York City. Throughout the album, Ilana’s tight songwriting and airy vocals flow over bouncing synths." - The Alternative

Origami Angel - Quiet Hours04.24.17 · Chatterbot Records · CBR001

"Does this semester already have you feeling a certain way? Does your emo side grow by the day? Look no further than DC’s own Origami Angel for the sweet, nostalgic rush of fresh emo revival... Singer and guitarist Ryland Healy and drummer Pat Doherty create a stripped-down sound that is open and easy to listen to. With this, the lyrics shine through." - WVAU.org